Combobox validating

By default, the validator ensures that the following information is provided: property specifies, including the slash (/), backslash (\), dash (-), and period (.) characters.

By default, the input format of the date in a String is “mm/dd/yyyy” where “mm” is the month, “dd” is the day, and “yyyy” is the year.

For example, you could use a data model that contains three fields that represent the day, month, and year portions of a date, or three Text Input controls that let a user enter a date as three separate fields.

Even if you specify a date format that excludes a day, month, or year element, you must specify all three fields to the validator.

The Reg Exp Validation Result class is a child class of the Validation Result class, and contains additional properties that you use with regular expressions, including the following: to access the first substring match.

The following example validates a Social Security Number: The Zip Code Validator class validates that a string has the correct length for a five-digit ZIP code, a five-digit four-digit United States ZIP code, or a Canadian postal code.

A valid phone number contains at least 10 digits, plus additional formatting characters.

This validator does not check if the phone number is an actual active phone number.

This validator does not check whether the credit card is an actual active credit card account.

You typically use the properties to specify the location of the credit card type to validate.

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